Q. My dog is vaccinated but I've lost the vaccination cert, can he stay in the kennels?

A. No vet cert, strictly no admittance! Ask your vet for a re-issue of the cert or a signed and stamped cover note.


Q. I've administred vaccines myself, can the dog stay in your kennel?

A. No vet cert, no admission!


Q. I've forgotten the cert but I'm rushing to the airport to catch a flight, I'll bring the cert next time if you let him stay.

A. No vet cert, no admission!


Q. My dog is s used to running free in a large garden. Will you allow him to do so at the kennels?

A.  No. We have ducks, hens, goats and 3 dogs in our gardens. In the interest of all creatures wellfare, all visiting dogs are kept on a 20' retractable lead when outside the kennel area, so although they are under constant control they have a fair degree of freedom to explore, smell, etc, in their 3.5 acre walking area.


Q. Do you offer a  deliverey and collection service?Questions

A. Not at this point in time, though we will review this if we see a demand for the service.


Q. My dog has special dietary needs, will you cater for him?

A. Within reason, we will do our upmost to suit your dog's dietary requirements.


Q. Do you take laser/credit cards?

A. Unfortunately we do not.


Q. Will you give my dog his medicine during his stay?

A. Gladly. We will ask you to fill in the detailson the dogs boarding card and we will take it from there, however we do not take in diabetic dogs.


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