We use Connoly's Red Mills "Leader" range. It is an Irish made kibble and therefore we are actively supporting Irish jobs which are important to us.
We mix tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey and beef with the kibble to add a little variety to the dog's diet.
Customers are free to supply their own food if they wish so.
All dogs are fed early in the morning and evening.
We supply pigs ears, postman's legs, knuckles, rashide chews as part of the kennel fee, sourced from Pet Treats Ireland (Clonmellon, Navan co Meath), again supporting local industry and Irish jobs.
Drinking water is from harvested rain water.
All dogs are exercised on a pen by pen basis, morning and evening, in all weathers. We have raingear to keep ourselves dry and we towel dry the dogs and turn on heating to ensure they are dry and warm if they have been exercised in poor weather conditions.
This guarantees one on one contact with your dog and we can give an undivided attention to your dog during this time. Dogs quickly gain our trust this way.
Dogs are walked using 20' retractable leads.