The Goodlife Kennels consists of 10 pens. 2 pens are 8' X 8' and 6 are 6' X 8' internal plus external.

  • The internal and external runs are separated by a sliding hatch.
  • Dogs have access to both runs during the day. At night we close the hatches and the dogs are kept indoors through the night for extra security and peaceful rest.
  • Each pen has half of its floor area heated and its own digital thermostat to regulate the under floor heating.
  • We use DAP in the kennels to reduce stress and promote a calm enviroment.
  • We use plastic dog beds and stainless steel feeders (food and water bowls).
  • Kennels are thoroughly cleaned regularly and occupied pens cleaned as the need arises.
  • We use harvested rainwater for all the cleaning.


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